Monday, July 18, 2005


Record companies and booking agencies the world over will be receiving CD's from me this week. The cover has our name, the list of songs on the CD and a picture of a dog with the word "Butterhead" underneath. I'm sure upon seeing this they will all turn their heads much like the dog's. "Butterhead? THAT'S what they're calling this thing?" Well, maybe and if we do here is why. On a recent road trip to Lexington KY, we arrived and were making our way towards the club when OakTeam keyboard nut, Greg Rice, looks down at the car below. (We roll in Dave's 15 passenger van and it sits up pretty high.) "There's a butterhead!" he blurts out. "Huh?" I say, "What the hell are you talking about?" "That girl down there...Everything looks good BUT HER HEAD!" he says. We die laughing and of course then I get the dumbass idea to name the record that! Oh brother!


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