Monday, July 25, 2005

ret wine

Here's a few suggestions for your ret wine dranking pleasure. Don't ask me about whites cuz I have no desire to drink a glass of cold cat piss that gives me headaches. So here go some of my favorites..In the $100 dollar and up range, spend your money on...Dominus Estates ('01) or Silver Oak ('00) Cabernets from Napa. Believe it or not, these wines are a STEAL at that price. Sounds like a lot of money but when you taste them you wanna send'm MORE money! In the $50 you a bottle of that Amarone (Bolla makes a great one for that price, some are higher). In case you're not famaliar, Amarone is a wine made from grapes that have turned to raisin. This stuff is awesome! It's kind of a cross between a great Cab and a Port, but not as sweet. This is one that we usually save for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They are usually at least 5 years old. My buddy, Larry, found a bottle of '96 in his basement last year and shared it with us and it was UNbelievable! In the $20 range go for the Seghesio Zinfandel ('03) from Sonoma. The '02 was #11 on Wine Spectator's list of Wines of the Year last year. Of course, when I went to look for it they wanted $30 for it instead of the $12 that WS listed it at. But the '03 is a really great wine and worth every penny. Now we're getting into the range of wines that are just great every day (and I mean EVERY day!) wines, the $7-$10 variety..My fav is the Kenwood Old Vine Zin (Lodi '01), $10. Next would be the Bogle Old Vine '02, (the '03 is not as good, look for the '02) about $9. Old Vines are what they say they are, wines made from grapevines (well, not the VINE but the damn grape!..jeez!) that are at least 40 years old. Ancient Vines are at least 100 years old, Kenwood makes a great one of those for about $20. Dancing Bull Zinfandel ('02) and Smoking Loon Cabernet ('02) are 2 other really good every day wines that are about $8. In the $6-$7 range, there's not much. I go Australian, Chilean or Spanish. Below that and you're just wanting to get drunk, so save your money and get a $2.99 bottle of Thunderbird. Now you know what I drink. (Well, except for the T-Bird!)


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