Sunday, July 24, 2005

lost another one to rock and roll

Man, I had high hope for my oldest son, Will. He's really smart, good at math and knows his way around a computer. In fact he makes skateboard videos and sets'm to music. The guys in the videos are landing on the beat and its a full production that he's assembled right here on this little computer we have at home. But he's got it in his mind that he's gonna be a rock star and tour the world the rest of his life. Problem is, there's nothing I can say to dissuade him. He's only 15 and he's technically about 10 times better than I am on drums. He's really solid and steady so, at his age if he keeps it up, he WILL be on the road gigging the rest of his life. He's that good. He has a band of other skateboarders that ain't half bad either. They spent all day in the studio recording 4 new songs yesterday. Like Father, like son...maybe not...maybe better. That's what we all want anyway, right? Check'm out
We had a blast last night celebrating our friend, Bob Davis' 47th birthday. Bob Got his start as roadie for The Fabulous Knobs and The Woods. He now is a road manager for bands like System of a Down and some other big time acts, like.. believe it or not...Clay Aiken! I drank 5 beers! God! Ever since I quit drinking beer about 7 years ago I've really lost the taste for it and it was usually the last resort to quenching my alchoholic thirst. I DO like a Guiness or (maybe)2 every now and then but I NEVER drink that many beers any more, red wine..yeah, 5 glasses sounds about right. Anyhoo..we ran into bunch of our old friends which is USUALLY fun and in this case it was. Especially seeing Bob's Ex, Sherry, who flew out from San Fran for the occasion.


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