Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bonus CD

Spent most of the day Saturday remixing home demos of songs that will be on the new OAKTeam record. They will be included on the bonus/companion CD called "You Can't Bite me with a Monkey in your Mouth!" Also included will be outtakes of bad background singing, really good background singing (ie. "ooze and Oz" from "Raindrops"), an acappella version of "Rehab" plus 5 songs that were completely finished before they were so rudely kicked off the record. "Up" was booted cuz there really was no place for it. A lot of people like the song, it just didn't fit for this record. Same with "Count on it". Mike Krause plays his most amazing solo ever on it, shades of Mick Taylor. But it's a slow song and we already had 2, that's the limit! "Drankin' Buddy" and "Disconnected" sucked lyrically. Shame too, cuz Don Dixon guested on the later and gave a great performance. I have a drum solo (one of the things about rock music that I hate the most!) on "Drankin' Buddy" that's not unlike Mickey Waller's on Rod's version of "I'm Losing You", it had to go. And the other one sliced at the last minute was our version of Big Al's "Crazy Like a Fox". They all together make up another 40-something minutes of fun. We haven't decided about the price yet or if there will be one but the cover will be a fisheye picture of Pilate, the dog that "sang" with me on "Feel a Drunk Comin' on". Ooops! spoiled the suprise.


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