Sunday, July 03, 2005

TV and sh*t

I'm making my famous Thai red curry coconut soup and watching musicians around the world plead with all their might for the famine and poverty stricken people of Africa. Their points are well taken and I wish I could help, but it's all I can do to feed my bunch and the friends they drag in who help themselves to anything in the fridge. Just as the celebrity sing-along gets started with Sir Paul McCartney they cut away abruptly to the Disney version of AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS! WooHoo! There's a switcharoo for ya, from saving the world to the most insipid show on the planet! Thanks for that ABC!
Speaking of sh*t! Has anyone seen "Being Bobby Brown"? Yeah, me neither. But I did see a clip from it, you know...the one where Bobby's talking about how Whitney had a turd too big and he had to help her get it out! I AM NOT sh*ttin' YOU! That's what he was talkin' about!...Huh?....come on Bobby! You can't tell that on TV! Unbelieveable! Of course, she's trying to get between him and the camera, waving her hands, to keep him from sharing the details. I think I might have a new favorite show!
More turdish niece's son was over last night. He is truly a miracle baby, born without about half of his intestines. He came close to NOT making it more than once as an infant. Now that he is 6 yrs. old though he can flat stink up a bathroom! You know it's bad when you look in on him and HE'S holding HIS nose! Grace made the mistake of walking in to say "Do you need some"...(runs out, one step from throwing up). Bless his little pea pickin' heart. Him and his sister are both sweet as candy, but damn! that boy an outhouse!


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