Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wild Weekend

Oakteam guitarist, Scotty Miller wasn't able to make the gigs this weekend and for simplicity sake probably won't join us on out of town gigs either. While we miss his blistering leads and slide playing (and him personally as he's always a welcome sight to see and hear!), it also gives us the opportunity to try different things as a 4 piece. And it occurred to me last night on the stage of the Cat's Cradle how much this version resembles NRBQ. I try my damnedest to lay down a groove like Tommy, Jack sings like Joey, Greg's parts are getting closer to sounding like Terry every gig and then there's Big Daddy Dave, who's name not only resembles BIG Al's but is also about as imposing a figure on stage. And like the Q, we get a little outta control sometimes only to land with our feet on the ground, in time and perfectly together.
This weekend was a blast. Both gigs, in the words of Big Daddy "ROCKED LIKE ASS!" It was great having my son Will with me, helping out and putting out his usual good vibe. My wife was not only looking good last night, she also helped a bunch with the shirt and CD sales. Also, thanks so much to the crowds both nights. We felt the love!
Well, unfortunate news on the OakTeam record, but it will hopefully only mean a week delay in the process. We've been asked by Brent, masterin' dude, to fix a couple of things in the mix that will help the overall balance and sonic quality of the record. It'll only kick your ass more, so be patient!
Believe me, the fact that you can't have it yet is killing us too!

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