Sunday, June 26, 2005

Help! I'm having too much fun!

Are you kidding me? We did about an hour and then 2 encores at the Cat's Cradle tonight. That's just way too much fun for a man of my advanced age!
The crowd loved my new Tarheel guitar with the ram painted on it. (Chapel Hill, why wouldn't they?). I'm feelin' a little more comfortable on guitar these days. Big Daddy is a hell of a drummer on those tunes which makes it much easier. He plays "37 miles" better than I would, even if I didn't have to sing it. Just a great great show tonight and really about as much fun as you can have playing music, period! Hopefully, we raised a little doe (not a deer!) for Dave's dental bill. The place was about half full and I think it holds about 4 or 5 hundred. Plus, we're gonna give him some of our merch sales cuz...well he DID record the live CD for us (that we sold bunches of tonight)!
After our set we got to see Southern Culture on the Skids again. Man, those guys are great! Rick sez, "ya know, the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia, cuz if it had been invented any where else it would be called the teethbrush!" He was also tellin' about a bellydancin' record called "Navel Observatory". Sick!
Y'all needs to git out more!

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