Monday, June 27, 2005


We got back in the studio yesterday (yep, had to work on Sunday) and fixed the tweeky little high end problems we had with the record. This thing is gonna rock like hell now! Should get back in Brent's masterin' lab on Friday to once and for all be done with the audio part of the record. Next comes finishing the cover and getting it to the people. Hopefully by late August. Oakteam pow-wow tommorrow night to discuss all the above and especially about playing some gigs somewhere BESIDES NC!
Talked to Big Al yesterday. He keeps threatening to come down here to make a record wif us. I told him he was scared. Who knows, he might suprise us one day. He's sick of country music and who the hell ain't! I called to tell him a joke but once again he finished the punchline for me. Is there one he hasn't heard?
Random sign of the weekend, seen at Southpoint Mall in Durham. "Speed Limit- 19" Nineteen? huh?


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