Wednesday, June 29, 2005

all day sucka!

I just flew in from mastering the record for the second and hopefully the last time and boy are my ears tired! Through some miscommunication, not of my doing nor will I point a (middle) finger at anyone else, it was quite the long day. I was told to be there at 10am, which being like my Dad, I was there 15 minutes early only to be told that MY session was at 1pm. Ok.. thass cool, I'll visit my friend and friend of the Yayhoos, Miss Jackie Dering who moved down to NC from NYC a few years back and has opened her own upscale pet boutique. I'll come back later. 1pm- "he had to pick up some equipment and should be right back" 4pm- (and 6 magazines later)-Work begins and Brent (who is THE man and worth the wait!) is pleased with the remixes. 7pm- I'm headed home, Cd's in hand.
So the record is finally FINALLY done! After 3 years of chasing the studio around the Triangle, after waiting months to get back in while someone else is using it, after mixing songs with drums and then without drums and then with drums again (Raindrops), after throwing away 6 songs and recording 5 more, after calling in favors from famous other guest artists, after recording car horns, after singing songs 20 times (Raindrops), after screaming at dogs to be quiet, after laughing till we cry, after working all day-recording all night-days in a row, after driving to Cary 8 times to mix, after recording loud as hell on Sunday mornings and during Saturday afternoon barbeques, after countless bottles of wine and countless guitar players, after 3 three years later from the time the drunken statement was made.... "Hey y'all! let's make another record!.. it's finally Done!
.......I hope........AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


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