Thursday, June 30, 2005


I just fell right off the damn wagon and straight down on my ass! Thass cool, I was startin' to feel crazy, like I didn't know what to do with myself. Got a good bottle of old vine Zinfindel and going home again's my Ritalin (zat how ya spell it?).
All I know is y'all better not put no damn NASCAR flag over my damn coffin when I go. I will jump outta that bitch and beat the first person I see. My wife just went to a funeral for a really young co-worker and #2 (don't go there!) was his "man". Whoever #2 is.. I personally love everybody in this world, but I gotta stick NASCAR in the same unmotorized boat as Hockey and float'm both out in the middle of the ocean. Gimme a break, and to put a flag like that on somebody's coffin... is that all his life was worth?
I mean, I wouldn't even put a Carolina Tarheel flag on MY coffin....well... maybe if it was another Championship year!


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