Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I'm putting together a new page for the website that should get up this week called T-Bay. On it will be stuff of interest for the TA fan to buy. Most notably, the hat I wore (and have never worn since) on the cover of the second record "What Else Can Go Right" and a link to buy the 2 pick-up red Jerry Jones guitar that I had strung in a 5 string open G tuning for that record.
Well, I have my instructions and I'm off to Carboro this morning to finish tweeking the mastering for the OakTeam record. Hope Brent likes the remixes. When I get back I gotta start putting the sequencing together for the bonus companion CD that comes with. It's full of songs that didn't make it, my demo versions of the songs and samples and outtakes lifted from the recordings. Some crazy stuff on there!


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