Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The drummer has the keys…

With a rollicking “Pat Boone Debbie Boone” intro, the drummer cranks into the tune like starting your dad’s prized hot rod. You gave him the keys. He can go as fast or as slow as he wants. You’re riding shotgun and the rest of the band is screaming back-ups in the backseat. You must really trust this guy driving. You have to be sure before you get out there that he knows where he’s going and that the audience following behind doesn’t get lost on the way. That’s why you guys spent weeks in the garage going over the map. A lot is riding on this trip and it’s very important that the drummer keeps it between the ditches. You guys can cut-up and act the fool, but he really has to pay attention to the road for the song to come off sounding totally together. If there’s a (train) wreck, he’ll get the brunt of the blame. After all, the drummer has the keys.

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