Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scary day!

Many thanks to all those who were concerned about the safety of the Anderson family in yesterday's tornado outbreak in our area. To be sure, there were several moments when we didn't know which way the destruction was actually headed. The most worry was over the intense cell southwest of Raleigh that took out an entire Lowe's Home Improvement Center and travelled straight in the direction of Bunn. This is the same cell that went straight through downtown Raleigh. As it left Raleigh though it moved more northerly than north easterly, thus skirting just past Bunn and more towards Wake Forest. The kids and I grabbed a drink and headed to the basement. They played scrabble on line as I watched the radar on my iPad. Unfortunately, before it left Raleigh, the tornado hit Ferguson Enterprises where my wife, Grace works and tore the shit outta the place. Grace looked out and saw solid black with debris flying everywhere.
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A PVC pipe slammed into the side of her car as it sheared the roof off of her building. She and the others rounded up customers and led them to safety at the back of the building, which was condemned today. She'll be working from home for a while. 
It was a scary day and we are all so thankful that everyone was able to be in a home that was intact and spend the night in our own beds. Not everyone in North Carolina was so lucky.

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