Wednesday, March 30, 2011


ya know I'm a little sick of hearing folks bad mouth my man, Prince...and I respect your opinion, but I beg to differ..whatever you say. Last Wednesday night dude tore the roof off the sucka (and NO Chaka Khan was NOT better, her catterwallin' was embarrassing and she even forgot the words a couple of times, oh and BTW there were teleprompters on the stage). He played almost ALL the hits, I say almost because as he said "I got so many hits, if I did'm all, we'd be here all night!" All I really wanna say is if Printh aint the King of Pop right now then...who? Michael's gone. Who has more hits than Printh? Who has more HOOKS than Printh?...I mean, melodies that you cant get outta yo head? He's unoriginal? Pleeeease! "Sign of the Times" is unoriginal? Yeah, there are songs with the same beat as "You got the Look", but hell I WANT MORE OF'M! Get on something and ride it, maybe thass why the rest of us ain't "made it" (Whatever that is?). Guitar playing? shut up. Singing? shut up. Dancing? shut up. Sorry. I seen his ass (once in Rotterdam) too many times to think any different. Aint nobody in North Carolina got that much talent, I know thass right.


Anonymous said...

so I understand the man crush. ALMOST every musician I know doffs their hat to him out of respect.

But WITH all due respect- given the choice between a 'Purple Rain', and a 'Raindrops', baby- there's no contest at all- lyrically, you're a better songwriter than he is. Period.
(no pun intended)

I'd willingly 'pay' to see you-
that's my litmus test.
AND, you're not a flake; bonus.

roscoe said...

Prinphus uber alles.