Thursday, January 13, 2011

fox folks find facts on floor

"Hey what's this?"says Bill "Oh! it's some kinda directive from the Big Dog, some kinda fact sheet or something" says Glen. "Well, what's it doing on the floor?" "Well, I threw it down there, I don't need it, my show tonight is about how tomorrow is the end of the World!" "hmmm...Lemme see that!" "ya know, nothing here for me either, my show is on the fear and loathing of our black President, how much can you be afraid of him and how much can you hate him!"say Sean. Bill grabs the sheet of facts, "mumble mumble blah blah...2010 tied for hottest year ever...blah blah..., nope nothing here I can use, my show is entitled IS THE EARTH REALLY COOLING?" "oh, I'm also doing a bit about that whole tides thing and who's really behind that..." throws it back on the floor.

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