Friday, January 14, 2011


OK, I got this great idea for a commercial that will prolly never get made so I might as well share it with you. The spot would be for the Clarion Hotel chain and start off something like this; business dude is driving late at night (alone...not with a van full of drunks singing Fleetwood Mack songs) and he's flashing back through the day and remembers everybody yelling at him and all the stupid scenarios of him screwing up the presentation and he's wishing he could just pull over, get a room and put it all behind him. Suddenly, he comes over the hill and just as he is turning on the radio, there's a beacon in the night shining brightly ahead. The music blasts out of the speakers, it's Kansas singing their big hit, but the words are changed: "Clarion my wayward son...!"..."there'll be peace when you are done!"
(he's shown checking in) "lay your weary head to rest" (both hands behind his head as he's falling back on the bed!) "don't you cry no more..." he's turning out the light as the announcer spews his bullshit and as the music would be awesome!

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Mick said...

I like this idea but thought that Kansas probably wouldn't want one of their best known songs tied in to a hotel chain.
Today I changed my mind as on UK tv there was an advert for Butlin's Holidays (mainly holiday camps with chalets) and Kansas' other well known song, 'Dust In The Wind', was being sung by some green monster.
Spooky !