Tuesday, December 07, 2010

more notes..

On the blog hiatus, yeah, thanks for your patience. At some point ya gotta take a break and find your voice again. During the last few months there hasn’t been a damn thing going on but the rent. I mean I COULD’A told you stories like; I was running on the beach and suddenly saw a dolphin jumping out of the water with an alligator biting down on it’s tail and then an eagle came swooping down pecking at its head and then a bear comes out of the dunes and then blah blah blah…but that ain’t what I do. I only tell the truth up in here. It’s straight up. So when there’s nothing going on but me going up and down a ladder and then coming home and drinking a bottle of wine…well, I’ll spare you the details of that.

So here are a few other notes about the trip that I remembered after writing it yesterday: One was that Greg had a diabetee in his finger. Well, lemme explain. On the ride out of NYC Greg passed out and slept on his hand funny. When he woke up he had NO feeling in the end of his pinkie…and it stayed like that for 3 days! It was Saturday before it returned to normal. Now, obviously it was a pinched nerve or something but I kept telling him he had a diabetee in it. He didn’t have diabetes. Just the one.
Something I failed to mention about Erica that she told us backstage in Wapak, it’s not that she rides a Harley, NO! It’s that SHE rebuilt the engine HERSELF! Let’s see, how did Mike Myers put it?...SHWING!!
Come to find out at The Wapak show, Jim S. from Illinois came to the show with his new bride of 3 weeks. He told me they walked down the aisle to my "Rock and Roll Girlfriend". How awesome is that! "She's kinda crazy obviously, if she's hanging out with the likes of me, she stays up with the late night crowd, and she don't care if the music's too loud, that's why I like hanging with her..."
There’s a doughnut joint up that way called Tim Hudson’s…or is it Tim Horton’s?. Hell, I’ve completely forgotten! After we stopped there on Friday morning, we started referring to it as anything BUT it’s real name…Tommy Hilfinger’s, Ted Dansen’s, Tim McCarver’s…so now I got no clue. I know the dude was some kind of hockey player or something. Just across the street from it was a Skyline Chili that offered up this fancy deal:
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Beside THAT was a Clarion Hotel. As I was riding by there I came up with a great TV commercial for them. Let’s just say it involves a Kansas song…”Clarion, my wayward son…”
The scariest moment of the tour came while I was sleeping. Friday morning I had the most awful-est dream. I dreamed that when I got back home my kids had gotten a baby bear, a cub, as they all called.
I was freaking out. “What are we gonna do with it when it grows up?!” “Don’t you know that thing is gonna get big and KILL us!” I later realized that there was a California flag in the studio that subliminally put that image in my mind.
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Oh, and in the dream…we had a swimming pool in the house. Just saying.
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