Wednesday, December 08, 2010

daddy's ding dong

I guess about the stupidest thing that happened on my hiatus was the situation with my 82 year old dad’s erection. This is about the last thing you wanna talk about with your folks, right...their sex lives? And I definitely don’t wanna talk about how well his junk is working. When he was in the hospital a couple of years ago, I made sure to avert my eyes while he was cock-a-floppin’ all outta that gown. I mean, eeeewww! But after a recent trip to see his doctor my dad called and wanted me to order something on line for him. At first, I had NO idea what he was talking about because he was hesitant to explain it and that was the last thing I would have thought he needed. Apparently, the young lady of 70-something that he’s been seeing (he finally broke up with my Aunt…DON’T ASK!) is an insatiable little minx in the bedroom and in the words of Billy Idol needed “more, more, more!” So l took the numbers and codes down necessary to order the Cialis and did what I always do, gave it to my wife to do. So she started to print out the coupon for him to take to the pharmacy and it came out first…FOLLOWED BY 30 PAGES OF DISCLAIMERS AND WARNINGS! Thirty! Three, zero! It was $15 worth of ink! Anyway, I rushed it over to him the next morning and he later said it worked but took too long. He called the doctor back to see if he could get the dosage increased but I’m afraid to ask how it’s been going since then. I really don’t wanna know, ya know? I don’t wanna know NOTHING ‘bout daddy’s ding dong!


Mike Elliott said...

Lordy, I needed that!

(The story, not the Cialis...)

Anonymous said...

Daddy Had a Wreck-tion

roscoe said...

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !