Sunday, December 12, 2010

goodbye "Cocky"!

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Oh Lawd, Oh Lawd! We DO miss our “Cocky” up in here! A few months back there was a push by SOME in our neighborhood to rid ourselves of the community peacock that showed up here about three summers ago. I was NOT one of them. His loud yelps were few and far between and I only took them to mean that he was pining for the peahen of his dreams to come join him in his Bunn wonderland. I loved seeing his kabuki dance every Spring. It was so cool watching him spread his beautiful silken feathers tall and wide. His visits were always welcome. We laid out everything from seeds, to bread to pizza for him and he enjoyed them all and thanked us by returning another day for more. So one day a peahen WAS brought in to try and capture “Cocky”. I asked the Bunn police chief about these efforts and he said some folks were tired of his screams and blocking the road. Huh? “Cocky” was always quick to move whenever a car was coming! I didn’t believe him. Anyway, the peahen in the cage did NOT work! He, with his tiny little peanut brain, was smart enough to figger out that if he had to get inside that thing to get some then it wasn’t gonna be worth it. So he roamed the neighborhood for a few more months until that fateful day. This Fall, as he sat in a tree a kid walked underneath in a new coat. By complete co-incidence I’m sure, “Cocky” shit right on him. The kid threw things at him and got him out of the tree and chased him down. He took the soiled coat and dove on our bird, wrapping him in it. The kid took the coat with “Cocky” in it and called the Wildlife folks and they came and took him away. My youngest, Nathan was totally distraught. He called my wife crying and vowing to take revenge on the kid. But by then it was too late. No one was gonna bring “Cocky” back and release him into our yard for another pizza dinner, or allow him to sit on our fence again, watching cars go by. There would be no more kabuki dances in the Spring, no more feathers to put in a vase. No,it was the end of an era, and once again our little town seemed that much less enchanted.


Carina said...

I'm crushed. Let's hope he's living on a nice horse farm somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Nathan... that little pinhead needs his @ss kicked.
(Never heard of drycleaning, you whiny little prick?)

this peacock wasn't just beautiful, he was FAMOUS, dammit-'Anyone at all interested in reading about THAT kid? boo!