Monday, August 09, 2010

it's Cindi Lauper!

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I can see it now. “Tonight’s guest star on The Donnie and Marie Show…from The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team!…Mr. Terry Anderson!” Marie starts singing…”I’m a little bit Country!”, followed by Donnie’s “I’m a little bit Rock and Roll!” and then I prance in and in my best Richard Simmons voice offer “and I’m a little bit New Wave!”. Marie has no words. Donnie chimes back in…” I’m a little bit whaaa? Huh?” Unfortunately, this is a dream I can’t wake up from since I actually DID dye my hair pink Saturday night. Will and Nathan were foolin’ around with the stuff when I walked in after an extended wine tasting here at the house. “Gimme that!” I grab the wand just start slathering it across the front of my head. Will was all “Are you sure you wanna do that?” “It’ll be fine” I said thinking it was the temporary coloring. The next day I not only FELT like ass, I felt like AN ass. “What did you let me do that for?” I asked my older son. “Don’t worry it only lasts for about three months” he assured me. “Oh shit!” I swear the older I get, the damn dumber I get! I look like I'm trying to find my inner 13 year old girl!


Anonymous said...

Extended wine tasting....Love it fool!

roscoe said...

is that a big Cock behind your head?
What color bandana is that?

CoachMcCarthy said...

No regrets....shit like that is what keeps ya young!