Saturday, August 07, 2010

favorite lines

I’ll get lucky sometime and a line will come to me that makes even me chuckle a bit. I guess that’s the whole reason I do it, the writing thing! I’ve got a bunch of favorite lines on the new record but only you, the WhassupTA blog reader get to know my favorites…

Too Much Information-
Right outta the gate, about the dumbest thing I could think of was “You and your old lady were getting’ down last night, with a hand held mirror and a cheap flashlight”. It’ll make sense when you hear the whole thing (as applies to the following tunes), but it’s NOT the nastiest lines in the song. The next verse is probably the nastiest thing I’ve ever written for public consumption, but no one will be able to figger out just how nasty it is, it’s THICKLY veiled.

Gambled and Lost-
This one reminds me of WHETHER OR NOT musically for some reason, but the lyrics are very biographical and it’s hard to pick a favorite line because they all flow together with the story of my life…along with some Temptations background singing! The last verse is always the one I’m singing in the outdoor shower though…
“when I was back in high school I joined a Rock and Roll band, and the music stole my life! I should’a studied hard and got a good job, by now I would be boss…but I gambled and lost!”

This is my favorite song on the record but I can honestly say that it won’t be everybody’s. That’s a good thing, right? SEX enabler is what it’s about…of course! But I dance around the obvious throughout (other than “she plays guitar and I love her licks”, probably the corniest line ever!) and tie it all together in the last verse... “She says I don’t need no help, there’s no need to deny myself, but I’ve got a problem I’ll admit, I’m addicted to her, and I just can’t quit!”

Ridin’ Around-
This one, more than any of the others embodies the spirit of the whole record. It’s summer and the top is down the stereo is cranked!! What says that more than some kids ridin’ around and hollerin’ at girls?!
“I’m a good looking guy, I can find a rich wife, she can take care of me while I spend my whole life just…ridin’ around…” gives the best excuse for not doing homework and hanging out with my dudes…

Spend the Night-
The first verse sets up the whole thing…
“I think I’m already in love and it’s our first date, and we’ve been having so much fun but it’s getting late, and we’ve both had too much too drink, so let me tell you what I think…spend the night!”

Time For You to Go-
This one is making everybody hit replay… and more than once! Probably…NO! Positively! The most
BADASS/EVIL song on the record. TIME FOR YOU TO GO as in…get the hell out! Our friend Rod Abernethy knocked it outta the park with his harmonica playing. You’d a thunk we had him shipped in from a blues club in Durham, 1948.
“Oh… hell naw! I can’t be missin’ another bottle of Patron” is my fav line on this one.

Nervous Around Pretty Girls-
This song started the recording process for the record…my second favorite…but man! That hurts to say! It could easily be a Prince song. Dave’s solo is beyond great as many of them are on here.
“You’re too good for me, I know that it’s true, but beautiful girls…they need love too!”

Again, put that top down, baby! It’s all about summertime, cars (my BMW 318i in VERY particular!) and having a blast. Best line on the record, bar none is in the bridge…
“Stereo sweet and loud, making every Bavarian proud”

I’m Your Radio-
Hope you like beach music. Of course, it’s not sappy like Chairman of the Board would make it. It’s much edgier. “I can keep you company and make you fall in love with me, beside you when you fall asleep at night, I’m in your dreams and off we go when melodies and harmonies unite!”

Not Turning Around-
This one is as deeply personal as it gets. It all started with me being pissed off because my dad was mad at ME for not going to church. I am A.D.D (attention deficit disorder) as HELL! I can NOT sit in one place for that long listening to something I’m skeptical of, sorry. Maybe with medication, I could be a Christian! It’s got a STRONG anthem feel and I’m basically saying I YAM WHAT I YAM! …and at 53 years old… I ain’t fuckin’ changing a thing! “Disappointment in your eyes is all I see, it’s killing me, trust me when I’m telling you we’ll be OK, we’ll make it through!” … “I just know we’ve come this far, I’m not turning around!”

Your Sweetness (is my weakness)-
The humming line between verses and choruses is actually my favorite part of the song but if I had to pick a line that summed it all up, it would be the opening ones…(btw-shout out to Greg for playing beautifully on this one!)…”Snakes and spiders are your worst nightmare so you pull me tighter, you’re soooo glad I’m there…and something inside of me… says where else would I be?”

As you can tell we’re really excited about this record and those close to it think it will “blow up!” With any luck…fingers crossed!!!


James said...

Can't wait!!!!

- Sporty Ed in DC said...

I'm still driving ye olde 318 I bought in 1994. Actually it's a 318is... the "s" stands for sport. That's right.

TA said...

Mine's a 318i, '92, in great shape but needs an ignition at the moment. The song will tell ya all about it!