Monday, July 19, 2010

Like Giant Tampons

Everybody in American is hurting for the people in the Gulf and would love to help. No one feels the need to send money because that is BP’s responsibility. But all of America COULD be called into action! Think of how many old socks and underwear, dish and bath towels, sheets and blankets, old clothes, mop heads and sponges, wigs and hats, sofa cushions and pillows are thrown out every day, literally tons. All of these very absorbent items could be collected in bags by Waste Management or whoever your recycler is and trucked down to the Gulf. The shrimpers and their boats could be hired to drop their nets full of these items into the large pockets of oil in the water. After about an hour, these nets would be brought up, soaked with oil, and collected by larger ships or taken to shore for disposal. I think we as Americans would be more than happy to donate items for this cause.

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