Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Rice!


For years we wondered when they'd make it official. Well, today was the day. OakTeam keyboard player, Greg Rice became the world's luckiest man, marrying the beautiful Elenore Spicer of Goldsboro, NC. It was an unbelievable event, complete with huge church ceremony, mad scientist organ player and Tarantino opera singer. The afterparty started with the remaining OakTeam guys performing the featured dances. First, Greg and Elenore danced to "S'Wonderful" sung by Jack, Elenore and her dad then danced to "If Not For You" sung by Dave and then Greg and his mom danced to "How Sweet it Is". After we worked our magic we then proceeded to git our drink on and ignore the other band who we never caught the name of.
Much love and luck to our brother and his new wife.
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