Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Focus?! Boaf us?

Focus?! Boaf us? huh?
If the title of this blog doesn’t make any sense to you…well, it doesn’t to me either. I just remember that it’s the punch line to a joke about two girls and that I really couldn’t tell you much more than that. But the key word here is “focus” and to keep our dream alive of putting together a totally focused Summer/Pop/ Rock (with the emphasis on the ROCK!) sing-a-long classic we’ve come to the conclusion that SOME of our efforts may misdirect the entire record somewhat and need to be set aside for later use. Yes, I’m talking about cutting. All the big talk about songs like “(While I was) Hittin’ It”, “He’s your Girlfriend”, “As If…”, “Miracle of the Sun” and yes even the song Jack sings “Didn’t Feel as Bad” may hit the floor. I think we’ve realized in order to form a more perfect record (sounds familiar), we should collect the most summer-y, pop-y and rock-iest 12 songs and concentrate on them just so there’s a CHANCE we might get it out by Aug. (at the earliest) and more realistically September. The good thing is that as we have in the past The OakTeam could have a limited release of these other songs later, much like we did with the first OakTeam record and “You Can’t Bite Me with a Monkey in Your Mouth”. That one was big fun to ride around with as it had alternate mixes, solo-ed tracks of ignunce along with other full songs that didn’t make it, including a rollicking “Crazy like a Fox” and the beautiful “Count on It”. We could do the same with this record. So anyway, we’ll make the record better by doing this and it promises to be just what you’re in the mood for when you wanna sing along to loud Pop songs with the convertible top down!


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I vote whole-heartedly on a limited release disc. "Monkey" is a great record! "Count On It" was worth the price alone. Alt. mixes and iso-tracks are always lots of fun and interesting too. Gives you an idea of the process of putting together a great record.

By the way, ran across a song called "California" that is credited to The Yayhoos. Sounds more like a Roscoe solo effort. What's the deal on this tune?

Mike Elliott said...


Photographer taking a picture of two, um, ladies. One asks the other, "what's the holdup? Go see what's takin' him so long!" The other comes back and says, "he said he gone focus", to which the first one replies, "boafus?"

You're welcome.

TA said...

ah HAH!! Thank you, my brutha!

BaltoJim said...

Two girls are sitting on the front porch. One girl says to the other, "I'm ten, how about you?" The other girl replies, "I'm seven... no wait, I'm eight... no... you know, I'm not sure!" The first girl says, "You must be seven then, 'cuz if you was ate you'd know it!"

TA said...

Oh shit! Mickey Waller!! Ziggy! fo' real!~ You nailed it, Peter!