Friday, March 12, 2010

paint buggy

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I'm prolly more excited about this than anything in a long time. I'm painting the inside of a plumbing warehouse and discovered the shopping carts outside for the customers. What a perfect opportunity to carry EVERYTHING I need around in that big 'ol place. Shut the hell up!! It all fits nicely right in there and I don't have to go looking for my chalking gun or whatever whenever I need it. I LOVE it! I mean, like REALLY love it. Like...I wanna marry it!
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I got run off from the other job while the floor man does his thing. I'll go back next week. While the other contractors were freezing their asses off (there was no heat in there and it was sometimes in the 20's outside!), I was warm and toasty with my Dad's kerosene heater. I burned Number one Kerosene, it's clean and odorless (and VERY expensive!) so it wasn't a problem as far as breathing. I even COOKED on it! Them other guys were eating cold sandwiches and shit and I was warming up pizza, chili all that. Hell, them folks don't know how to LIVE!!


roscoe said...

Mr. Genius Man!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the insurance guy will say when you accidentally burn down the place..."oh sir, i was just cooking some pizza with kerosene, i dunno what happened !"
cheers T, roland