Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not Turning Around

Writing songs is hard sometimes. Truth be told, I had about 70% of the songs written when we recorded them. Yes, there was work to do, still…as we were playing the HELL out of of’m! The music was in there (in my hay-ed) fighting to get out, but the actual lyrics were a line, verse or ALL the verses shy of being finished. All of the choruses were solid. Afterall, you don’t have a song without a chorus now do ya? So while everyone was assembled we went for it. It was up to me, and thankfully I relish the opportunity/challenge to make the song make sense. The hardest of this newest bunch of tunes would have to be “Not Turning Around”. The music is some of the biggest anthemic Rock you’ve ever heard, so the lyrics couldn’t be wimpy. The initial idea for the song came when I was being… shall we say… “talked to” by my Dad about religion. He is SO worried that I’m not gonna be in heaven with him. And I’m pretty NOT worried. Not because I don’t care but because I feel that I AM what I AM, and always have been. I’m living just about every day to make other people happy. Whether I’m making them happy with my painting work or with my songs, that’s my main focus, making folks happy. I have many faults as we all do, even my Dad, but I’m REALLY trying to live each day to help people and to lift some/whatever spirits I can. So the song “Not Turning Around” is about just that. I AM what I AM and I’m not turning my whole life around to be somebody else. Sorry. For as long as anyone has known me I’m still a hard rocking, hard loving, hard working MF!

I don’t know where we’re going
With the flow, or wind that’s blowing
I just know we’ve come this far and
I’m not turning around
We’re in the car and
We don’t care
Where we are or if we’ll get there
I just know I’ve come this far and
I’m not turning around

I’m not asking for directions
For any praise or rejections
Or help to find my way
Just forget your expectations
when you’re running out of patience
We’ll get there someday

Looking out across the yonder
When I feel a need to wander
And just ignore the signs
The world is to appreciate
never early, ever late for
A trip inside your mind

And disappointment in your eyes
Is all I see, it’s killing me
But trust me when I’m telling you
We’ll be OK, we’ll make it through

Any turn I wanna to make
That’s the one I’m gonna take
To find the open road
breathe the air and feel the wind
chance may never come again
To ever hear it blow



Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
Let me be the 1st one to say these lyrics rock 'n rule, and you make me very happy...;-)
cheers roland, holland

Anonymous said...

Heaven can wait! We need your songs!