Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Every notice how all of my songs are about sex? Well, if they aren’t about money or cars, they are. I thought I had a couple more in me before getting down to mixing this next record, and I do. But I was saving recording them for when Jack went to India next month. Dave is such a quick learner I can show him the basics and we can bust’m out at a pace of several a night if we needed to. We’ll see what happens in April, maybe we get one as fun as “Enabler”. I went to Jack’s Monday afternoon for what has become one of our scheduled meeting of the minds and wanted to get some sort of recording down of this song that had been bugging me all weekend. It’s written from the aspect of a guy who wants it (you know, “IT”) all the time and finds someone to meet that need, sex from an addicts perspective. And NO, Tiger Woods never entered my mind! But Jack was having trouble getting me a good groove. There are mountains of loops in his system and they are all too FUNKY! This is a straight up rocker. Dave shows up just in time and it’s not 30 seconds before he sees what’s going on and says “Y’all wanna go to the Storm (Indoor Storm, the music store where he works) and record?” I look at Jack and hope he’s nodding his head. Sure enough he is and we lock up and leave. I stopped to grab a bite and Dave had the drums set up and mic’d when I got there. We sussed through and arrangement for a little while and in only about an hour we were laying down seriously close (to being right) tracks. We had a great one going but I stopped during the vamp out. Oooops! “You were recording that?” OK, so we got down to business and just before the third take (later) I looked at my sticks and noticed one was broken, split from the middle of the stick all the way to the end that I held in my hand. It was sure to break during the next take. I show Dave. “Don’t think about it…GO!” It didn’t break completely but it sure was pinching the hell out of my hand. So think about that when you’re listening, along with my cracked rib, scraped (hamburger looking) arm and gouged out shin(I kicked a metal pipe sticking out of the ground on Saturday. I said the F word a LOT!), a broken stick was in my right hand and giving me a fit! It was worth it to see the grins on their faces as it was going down though. That was priceless! The things we do for Rock!...

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