Tuesday, January 05, 2010

it started with gum

I DO love to write. I wish there was a way to make money at it. Of course, I wish there was a way to make money playing music too! Writing is a ready to go kinda job, you can do it about any time and you can write about anything you like in most cases. I had no clue about writing until I got to college. Somehow, the English teachers I had in high school never got through to me…or the math teachers, or the science teachers….It took a great professor like Rick Lewis at Sandhills Community College to paint the writing picture clearly for me. The essay form is so simple; introduction, explanation and conclusion. It works with about anything, especially songwriting. THAT took off too once I figgered out how to tell the story. Almost every song I write these days is based on this format. And to think the light came on with a stick of gum. Huh? Yup! Mr. Lewis gave us a surprise test in one of his evening classes and I was dumbstruck. The test was to write a two page essay about anything and you had the entirety of the two hour class to do it. Well, for a solid hour might ass was tight enough to squeeze a lemon. I sat there drawing one blank after another. I had NO idea what I was gonna write about and time was becoming a factor. I had some gum in my mouth and for some dumb reason I decided that maybe I could write about that, gum. The floodgates opened and I was having trouble writing as fast as I created the ideas (not unlike a good song). When time was up I had my two pages of gibberish on the benefits and uses of chewing gum, and in proper order. I was so surprised to receive my paper back in the following class with a great ‘ol big “A-“on it. From then on everything clicked…now if I could just make some damn money at it!

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