Wednesday, January 06, 2010


When New York City drops the ball, so-to-speak, on New Year’s Eve, it gets televised and celebrated throughout not only the country, but the world. I have to admit that I think the apple dropping was more fitting, but what ev’…Through the years, copycat towns have started celebrating their own “droppings”. Raleigh, NC drops the acorn representing their “City of Oaks” tag. Nearby Mt. Olive, NC drops a pickle representing their hometown Mt. Olive pickle company. Last year they had over 2,000 folks watching that thing, probably more this year. I can hear’m now… WooHoo! Pickle!! I’m sure there are many more infamous droppings and I guess I could GOOGLE them all or just assume…but you know what “assume” (makes an ASS of U and ME) means! I can only assume that Washington, DC drops a big ‘ol dollar bill representing its sinking value. Boise, ID I’m sure drops a tater and Baltimore drops a crab, right? Does Philadelphia drop Santa Claus and they customarily throw things at it? They probably drop a house trailer in Columbia, SC, not sure about that, but that’s my guess. I guess they drop peaches and oranges in Geogia and Florida. They should get together and drop a nice fruit salad! I’m told that somewhere in Alabama they drop a white sheet, but I ain’t gonna believe that till I see it! I don’t know what Texas drops but I’m sure its big as HELL, probably one of them oil tower thingys. Do they drop lobsters in Mass.? Prolly. I would hope they would drop surfboards in Cali., but its prolly something dumber like an Emmy statue or something. I’d like to be there for the salmon drop in Seattle! …or the tornado drop in Kansas…or the corn drop in Iowa…or the buckeye in Columbus…or the space capsule in Wapakoneta…or the aaaaAAAAAhhhhh!!!...but there’s just not enough years left to see them all!


jack said...

The drop a conch shell in Key West (or at least they did a few years ago). Right on top of Sloppy Joe's!

Anonymous said...

i live in pottsville,pa. home of yuengling beer(the oldest brewery in the u.s.) for new years on the town square,they raise a giant yuengling bottle(because nobody wants to drop a bottle).