Thursday, November 12, 2009


When there’s not recording to do or songs to write or fix I’ll plop my ass down and watch a TV every now and then. I really don’t have any “shows” I GOTTA see. The main reason I even have the damn thing, besides the kids is for watching Carolina basketball. My main gripe about TV has always been twofold, the shitty script writing and the commercials. Some of the shitty script writing HAS gotten better in the past few years, especially over at HBO, but the commercials have gotten WAAY worse. Not only are there MORE of them but now the products have their OWN SHOWS! I have to be honest; I never thought the infomercial thing would catch on. When I first started seeing them I instantly thought “That CAN’T be cost effective!” Then there were more and more, and now it seems there are more of them than actual TV shows. I have DirecTV and it has to be at least 50/50. So these days it’s not about how many channels you have just how many WATCHABLE channels you have. How can one of the worst things about TV become so huge? The good thing about’m is that you CAN turn the channel. Who knows, maybe they’ll ALL become shows and get the hell off of my Carolina game!

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