Saturday, November 14, 2009

empty cart

So I leave Jack’ house after singing my Christmas song, ”Christmas on the Faces (of all the children of the World)” all day (which is such an infectious toe-tapper that it woke me up at 3:45am this morning “get outta my head! You…you…wormy worm thingy …you!!) And I go over to Costco to pick up a few (bottles of wine) things we need around the house. So I get about a quarter of a basket full and I’m thinking “I should go ahead and stop now” before I get carried away and create an actual “shopping” event. I mean, I just came in here to pick up just a few (bottles of wine) things. So I’m leaving my cart on an aisle and going to a next aisle to peak around to see if there’s anything affordable and/or useful for the household. Along the way I grab “my” cart and head for the cashier’s pathway to freedom. I’m standing in line paying total attention to the handicapped lady ahead of me and wondering if it be rude of me to offer assistance. She seemed to be struggling a bit. A lady from the line beside us beats me to it but I DO assist her by handing an 18 pack of eggs to her disabled friend behind me. Well, in all the commotion I’m not paying a damn bit of attention to my own (bottles of wine) articles for purchase. So I look down to start the process in my brain that wonders and decides what to put up first, last or if at all and low and behold I’m looking at a fucking empty basket! So, I’ve been standing here for the last 5 minutes, IN LINE!, with an empty fucking basket? Fo’ real? What was I in line for? They prolly wondered…”Maybe he’s buying the maximum allotted amount of cigarettes and they have retrieve them from the back!?” NO!!! I’m just the dumbass who’s left his buggy about nine aisles back and grabbed the wrong one before heading out! Bet the guy who’s cart I stole wonders where the hell it went.

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Anonymous said...

Bet the guy who’s cart I stole wonders where the hell it went...

nah, THAT guy's just bewildered and awed by the impressive selection of 'reds' that the Enophilic Angels meticulously and miraculously chose and deposited in HIS empty cart-Can you imagine?
You created wonder- you MAY have even converted the heathen.
Well played.