Sunday, August 09, 2009

weekend junk

Walled in lean-to…

Helped my Dad on Sat. We walled in his lean-to that protects his lawn mower. He was tickled at how good it turned out. So much so that he offered me one of my beers that I had left there a month ago. But at 11 am, it was a BIT early to get started.
Screeeemed in!…it’s 100 degrees outside and I’ve been out there screening in my front porch, giving myself something to do so as not to drink too much. I HAD a washcloth in ice water at the ready and occasionally threw it on my head. It’s gonna be a nice place to hang out and drink this Fall…oh wait, I thought I was giving myself things to do to stop drinking so much?! I’ll start on the outside shower soon!
Lucinda disappointment
Finally watched the Austin City Limits with Lucinda Williams and The Old Crow Medicine Show. Guess which one I enjoyed the most? I REALLY REALLY like Lucinda’s records but I’m sorry, if it hadn’t been for those two great guitar players of her’s I would’a walked outta that show. She’s looking down at the lyrics on sheets paper on a music stand right in front of her! ..on TV! That ruined for me. I don’t drink if I wanna remember lyrics. She should try that. The Old Crow Show was amazing! They were gittin’ it on like a bucket’o neckbone! The fiddle guy reminded me of my favorite, Doug Kershaw. (Prolly where “Battleship” came from…doesn’t the lick sound like a fiddle part?)…and I loved the guitar player’s voice who sounded a bunch like Rick Danko.
I got a new R&B name; please refer to me now as “Sh’Tay”
Craig Ferguson…still cracks me up!
Our peacock, Cocky has lost his last tailfeather today, making him officially out of HEAT. But it's 100 degress out there? You know what I mean...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

I've done several tours with Lu. She doesn't drink before the shows. She can't remember the words 'cause she is a nervous wreck and that book has about 700 songs in it. The music stand serves as a security blanket so to speak. Cut her some slack, she's a girl, too.

Hell, Frank Sinatra couldn't remember the words to "New York, New York".

You got to admit though. When she is on, she is on. Watch this:

Petibone plays lead guitar and takes the high harmonies - shades of Roscoe.

Yer Pal,