Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I LOVE fans!


Sometimes you guys are too much! I've received many loving gifts in my days as a lowly songwriter, drummer and "singer".
I've gotten amplifiers, drums, watches, records, 8-trks., lots of wine, baseball uniforms, you name it. I got my socks blown off yesterday though by friend and fan, Victor. This ukulele is beautiful and plays great! Notice (if you can) the pearl inlay AND Grover tuners. Too much! I sat in the bed playing that thing all night long. Look out! You know "Tip-toe Through the Tulips" was a pretty big hit...I'm just sayin'....
You ROCK Victor!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,
Talking 'bout things with strings :
R.I.P. THE Les Paul....

Cheers, Roland

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you knew this was out there:

Sorry if I ripped you off by downloading it. It's great stuff, it just makes me want to get the box set more and I'll continue to purchase any official product you release.

Moose said...

I've had three different people send me a CD of "The Lost Album", 1 showed up in my mailbox during the first month of Comboland Radio. I resisted playing anything from it for a long time. I have a few cuts in but I feel funny about it. On one had it could help promote the fact that a Woods/Knobs box set is coming. On the other bootlegging music deprives the writers/artists of income. With no income from the music some of the most talented artists have to resort to their day jobs to make a living which leaves less time to make music, and maybe less desire too. When Terry and Jack release the box set I hope everyone who has traded "The Lost Album" around will buy a copy. That would make it OK. There are some killer cuts on it! The quality of the bootlegs I have all have a bit of hiss and one channel is clipped pretty bad.