Sunday, August 02, 2009

all dressed up


I dress up nice on occasion, usually on important or sad occasions. Unfortunately, this was one of the sad ones. My dear Aunt Linda died at the end of last week and the funeral was Saturday. It was a tough one, as old and young, from her husband and sons to her grandkids wept opening and helplessly. She lived in pain 3/4 of her life immobilized by rheumatoid arthritis and with open unhealing sores but never, EVER complained. She was easily one of the most unselfish and strongest souls to ever live. I wouldn't wish the suffering she went though on my worst enemy. Her strength and faith were and will continue to be an example for all who knew her to live up to. She is pain free now though and will be sorely missed.
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Anonymous said...

Condolences to u & the family brutha. I have to say though - u sho do dress up might perty.
Barry H

Carina said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I saw Will's posts on FB, but wasn't sure what happened. Living in pain wears you out; she must be relieved.

Oh - you look very nice in the picture.

Tom said...

She sounds like an amazing woman. My condolences on your loss.


roscoe said...

Cheers to your Aunt T-50+ and here's to hoping
we can all leave our black suits in the closet for a while.

Chris said...

I'm sorry for your loss.