Tuesday, June 23, 2009

next thing I knew it was 2009!

Did some painting for my old band mate, Bob Wallace today. It was just a few doors and some repaired fascia and soffit that needed my love, but a full day’s work. It was beautiful with blazing sunshine that leaves my shoulders a little red at this writing. Wallace was in the early incarnation of The Fabulous Knobs as, well…let’s see what was he? Uhhh…in basketball terms I guess Wallace was a shooting guard. David was our point, our “go-to” guy. After I had performed my painting mastery, Wallace (or waaahlessss! As we say lovingly) drug out a little “blast from the past”, board tapes of The Fab Knobs from 1980. I wish I’d had more time but what I heard sounded remarkably amazing. They were one step from mastering and releasing! That good! Songs I’d forgotten that we had done…hell…the Motown catalogue plus a little Stax and originals thrown in. It was a proverbial (hate that word!) treasure trove (hate that expression!) of Knobs hits.
The highlight of the listening event was remembering that we had done “I Got Lost When I Found You” from Ronnie Wood’s 2nd record (a very excellent love making soundtrack if I remember…) with Jack silky-sangin’ it. Amazingly, the lowlight was not my unfortunate pang cymbal (also known as “pain” cymbal) but my MORE unfortunate “roto-toms”. Jeeez! Uhhhh…sorry about that 1980!
It was wild how far away it felt…and how unconnected I felt to it. I didn’t play bad. It felt OK, better now, but OK. A lot I miss about them days… a lot I don’t, like microphone stands flying across the room!
We got along great until the end. And we’re all still good today. Obviously Jack and I are, but we both love Deb and Keith…AND Wallace…and of course our point, David.


Anonymous said...

Bonus tracks for the Woods box-set maybe?
Barry H

Anonymous said...

I always pictured Bob as a power forward type of guy.....Oh well... We need another back yard listening party with some of the Fab Knob's stuff. Lemme know what's happening this weekend....