Sunday, April 19, 2009

In yo face! Merka!

There was an explosion of emotion pouring, if not flooding out into the streets just after 9pm tonight. Horns were blowing, bon fires were lit, firecrackers cracked and the masses were jumping into said fires and screaming their collective heads off here in the Tar Heel state. What an exciting evening it was when we all learned that Miss North Carolina, Miss (somebody) Dalton won the Miss USA competition in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Wow! I haven’t felt a rush like that since I learned(a day or two later) that the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team won a playoff game. Shit, these are good times in the Carolinas (actually, dare I say it…Miss SOUTH Carolina was hotter!...and truth be told I was pulling for Miss Georgia, who was hotter than Georgia asphalt, or Miss Missouri who didn’t even make it into the final 15, damn it! ) what with The Tarheels of The University of NC winning it all in basketball, The Yayhoos coming to town this coming weekend, somebody from NC winning a NASCAR race (probably) and The OakTeam becoming “National Champions” earlier this year. We here are truly blessed. It was another exhilarating win to be sure. They finally talked about it on the local news, between weather and sports, but we knew…oh yeah, we knew.

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