Tuesday, March 31, 2009

from Mallorca...

Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team - National Champions

You like Rock & Roll? You love good songwriting and handmade music? So here's the record for you. Somehow it's typical Terry Anderson and somehow it's not. There are Rockers ( like the opener "Goin' or Comin'" , "Willie Mays" to name a few) ,just great songs ( like my favorite" Lost Your Number"), soulful tunes ( like "Wrong For That") and on top of that amazing vocals. Not to forget the arrangements of each song (Listen to the intro of "About You"). So put the volume to the max, invite some friends, open a bottle of wine and just have some fun !!! That's what this record was made for!!!
It's the best TA & The OAK Team ever - Great Job guys !!!
Get your copy at www.doublenaughtrecords.com

-Phil Wolff

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