Thursday, January 08, 2009

search over!

I guess it’s just a sickness I have but I’ve spent most of the internet years of my life searching through recordings and videos for the WORST song ever written. Who really knows why but I guess it’s just to make myself feel better about the bad ones I’ve written. That way I can say “See! Even as much as my songs suck, I ain’t got one NEARLY that bad!” Well, my search could be over. Thanks to the recent re-airings of “Hee Haw” on the RFD Network I found this little gem. Please take time to read the lyrics completely, I promise you’ll never laugh at another Steve Miller, Lenny Kravitz or hopefully Terry Anderson song ever again!

Love is Just a State of Mind -Roy Clark

I'll stay with you if you say stay
but I must leave you when I must
I'll stay as long as we can laugh
and leave when laughter turns to rust
The day the fireworks fail to flash
and mental light refuse to shine
We'll know it's time for someone else
for love is just a state of mind

If you can say it like it is
and if I like to hear it said
I'll carve your image on my heart
and make sure that your soul is fed
But one day the words break step
and if one ego lags behind
You column left I'll column right
for love is just a state of mind

Keep yourself but give me room
I want some place to think aloud
And if you can your chain will reach
from ocean floor to shining cloud
When the shackles feel too tight
or when restrictions start to blind
It's time to breathe instead of choke
for love is just a state of mind

If my words are worry things
and if I make your mouth turn down
Then take your apprehensive love
and leave me now without a sound
But if you take me as I am
and love me one day at a time
I may stay a thousand years
for love is just a state of mind
For love is just a state of mind

Nathan said "Roy's mental light refused to shine
while he was writting this song!"


Mike Elliott said...

Those lyrics left me very confused.

I second Nathan...ol' Roy should stick to guitar pickin'.

Anonymous said...

Be careful there, Rock Star. Meherrin, VA isn't too far from Bunn, NC.

from Utah

David Johnston said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

...well, you see, things were done differently in those days: Roy got paid good money to write bad lines like 'at! (HA!) - Danny E.