Friday, December 19, 2008

woo hoo! call the in-laws!

...tell'm we're famous! The Holly Raleigh Christmas album #III (not three but capital I, three times...pronounced like it looks "number eye eye eye") was voted ALBUM OF THE FRIGGIN' MONTH! by The Independent magazine from right cheer in Raleighwood, NC.
here's all about it...(notice we kinda got a mention in there too!)


Anonymous said...

N' you got the BEST song on there!

Barry H

roscoe said...

That is just lovely TA!

Anonymous said...

Eggnogorant, eggnogorant...... It's a motherfucking goddam hit.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes


Ace said...

Kool, does that mean yall are gonna be on merkin Idil?