Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We got a brand new Presi-dent!

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We got a brand new Presi-dent!
Na na na na na na na na na!
He is smart and he is black and
He’s gonna brang our Country back
A leader we can trust at last
Gonna kick dem crooks out on dey ass!!!
Na na na na na na na na!
We got a brand new Presi-dent!

Damn! How can I feel so bad and so good at the same time? Last night Grace, Nathan and I went over to our friends’ Joey and Alicia’s and grilled salmon and nervously drank wine watching the past two years comes to a very happy conclusion. We (just Grace and I), finished off a BIG ass bottle of Zin from Costco, then after two big tequila drinks opened another bottle of Cline ancient vine, and THEN after we got home drank ANOTHER haffa bottle of Cab.
Damn! I feel like ASS! ...but I’m glowing like a 100 watt bulb in the little bathroom!
We got a brand new President!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya brutha! My head hurts, but my heart is so full of pride, my ribcage can barely contain that sucker. How 'bout a special shout out to Kay Hagan! I'm gonna take that leftover fat from Biddie Dole's facelift and forge it into a nail...dig up Jesse Helm's grave...and nail it into that motherf****er's coffin!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Terry,
I'm so damn happy for You, and Everybody else in the entire U.S
Cheers! Roland

TA said...

I'm happy for the whole damn world, Roland!

Anonymous said...

Damn right terry.....
I found you a happy song,
Party on ! Berrel blue & Roland

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the whole world for electing Obama.


roscoe said...

yeah man TA. Straight Ticket True To Life.

ML and I had quite a bit of vino too. started at home then went to the Lakeside to watch the returns and made it home for the Acceptance speach.

Fantastic. Lots of smiles in my town today.

Javi said...

I hope he delivers as expected. Great for all of us. Congrats!