Sunday, November 09, 2008

no love

We ain’t getting’ no love from the local media up here in Franklin County, Norf Cacki-lacky. Every time there’s an important event in the world or state, every county gets represented but us…even though we’re just a half an hour away from the capital city. I mean, it doesn’t hurt my feelings (mostly cut I grew up in Raleigh) that Fayetteville gets love from the local media (although it’s an hour away from the star on the map), and we’re not mad up here in Franklin that Johnston County gets some noise on TV about news, weather, sports and such, along with Orange County…and Durham County...and Chatham County. Hey! Local TV...That’s OK! We’ll figger it out! If the car starts slippin’ and headin’ towards the ditch, we’ll go back home! Alright, I gotta say it. We ain’t getting no love in Franklin (30 minutes from the Capital building) County, so uhh…channels 5, 11, 17 and 14 pack your bags and go to Hell. I personally don’t care about the no-love thing cuz I’m used to it. The (Raleigh) News and Observer ain’t NEVER give the OAKTeam the love the rest of the country has. But I DO wish that when there was an emergency of some kind we (up here in no-man’s-land) could be privy to the same information as the COOL people in the Triangle have. It may sound like I'm bitchin' but I ain't, it's just wierd.
Packing my bags tomorrow for our trip to Ohio, Columbus, Cinci, Wapak & Cleveland. I’m sure we’ll get some love up there!

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