Friday, November 07, 2008


I used to have this cousin, well I guess I still do…just ain’t seen’er I a while, who used to cook all kinds of shit for her husband, the sweetest guy you’d ever wanna meet. I’d come over and she’d be making maccaroni with a can of cream style corn, mixed up with Velveeta and not-dogs in a cassarole dish, baked on 350 for 20 minutes. Or she’d cook beeny weenies with salsa and throw in an apple or something. She made some dumb shit. She was prolly/usually drunk or something. She’d make browned hamburger, edamame, brown rice and cookies. Or rice and French fries with boiled chicken and pickles. Or steak and okra with baked watermelon. You just never knew. I think she would just grab the first thing she saw and throw it in there. Oodles of noodles with nuts and veggie burgers on salad…or baked crackers with chopped broccoli or sardines with zucchini mixed with a can of peaches
…but she always had a fine wine to go with!


roscoe said...

pass the Tic Tac Omelette!

TA said...

..or butter bean burrito!