Tuesday, August 12, 2008

gettin' close

I’m finally getting a break from all the painting work I’ve had lately and get to stay home a day or two to concentrate on songs and the new record. After last night we feel good enough about what we’ve done to actually start heading into the home stretch. In a twist of serendipity, Jack and I remembered just this morning a song we cut for the last record that didn’t make it, not because it sucked but because it just didn’t fit with the others. Jon is going on a cruise soon so it’s gonna be September before some actual work gets done. There’s still some serious singing to do as most of the tracks are scratch vocals and not to mention all the backgrounds we have to do, especially on the Chi-lites-esque “Wrong for That”. The mike that’s best for my voice is in the shop and should be back in the next day or two so that’s why we haven’t taken the singing seriously. The parts are there though. What is wonderful is that I ain’t had to worry a lick about fighting over parts and all that. These guys have all made many a record, Jack and Jon have worked on countless together and Dave’s produced some really great stuff (not the least of which is the new Bleeding Hearts record, featured on Little Steven’s show last week with his “Coolest Song in the World”, “Rehab Girl”) and they all know what rocks and what don’t. So now with any luck, and hard work, we could be finished with the whole thing late Sept. /early Oct. Ain’t making Rock History fun?
Oh! btw...I've added Comboland Radio to my links page so it'll be there permanently in case you lose it from your bookmarks/favorites.
Oh Oh! AND don't forget this date...Aug.23, The OAKTeam will do an early evening show at Sadlack's in Raleigh. Come on over and drank a beer wif us and eat ya a sammich!

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Very much looking forward to learn me some Rock History!