Friday, August 15, 2008

edenton street

Back when The Fabulous Knobs all lived together in the same big ass yellow house on Edenton Street in downtown Raleigh we thought we were pretty big shit. We sold out every show we played and we had billboards all over the Triangle advertising our record. If there wasn’t a gig, there was a party of some sort going on just about every night of the week. TV’s were thrown in the street, mike stands and record collections were thrown at each other and once I even tried to drive my car up on the porch (mainly because we wanted to hear some new mixes and my ’75 VW Rabbit was the only cassette player we had). I put down a piece of plywood and got about halfway up the steps when one of the local bums came by to give me some direction. “What you trying to do?” When I told him he said, “Man, you ain’t never gonna that car in that house!...turn your wheel to the left a little bit!” At one of the parties I put on the “Tommy Tampax Show”, where contestants would takes turns manning the light switch and trying to catch me with my pants down. I stood up on one of the PA speakers and in the dark I’d pull’m down, in the light I pulled’m up. Yep, we did a BUNCH of stupid shit back then. Somebody up there had to be looking after us. Once, we were leaving for a short tour of about a week or so and everybody just grabbed their shit and hopped in the van. As we pulled up to the stoplight (just 50 feet up the street) somebody happened to ask…”Did anybody lock the front door?” Keith Taylor looked out the back window and shouted “Hell naw! It’s standing right wide open!” Damn, we wuz crazthy!

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