Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sweet T's

Got me some pretty sweet V-neck (yeah..like Grandaddy wears) T-shirts over to the new Wal-Mart in Zebulon. Iknow, Iknow, before you get on me about shopping there and how I’m somehow supporting our surge into Iraq and instantly assume that I’ll be vying for four more years of bullshit, to that I say “naay”. But that’s another blog, for the sake of this here one, I’m talking about some mighty fine T-shirts. Whiter’n hell, and brand new right out of… well…the dryer. Wifey washed and dried’m first fer me before I put’m on. And once doing so, I realized that I had picked JUST the right size and they shrunk (it’s a word..look it up!) down to a perfect fit.
So Wifey gets home and I got supper waiting, marinara, pasta, fresh mozzarella, garlic bread (homemade…DUH! With about a pound of FRESH garlic on each slice!) and we sit down to eat. We have pleasant conversation, mostly about work and kids…”Nathan shows up today and asks Miss Ellen (who I’m helping to flip a house with) if she likes Jack Black and his movies “Yes”, Miss Ellen says, “and my favorite is “School of Rock”. Nathan got all excited and says “Well, guess what!? We BRUNG it!” It was about this time that I look down and DAMN! if I ain’t already got a microspec of wine on it! And then upon further review….more microscopic dots of marinara sauce….Mutha!!! (shut yo mouth!) Cain’t have NUTHIN’ purty!..and what did I spend on this bitch? $1.25? It was 5 for $5.50 so do the math!
...hell…I ain’t in no shape to….

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the White Shirt Challenge!