Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fiddin' to be alright

If ya wanna know what an OakTeam practice (aka:prax) beez like: Well…I usually get there first (after Dave of course, who holds the key) and start setting up drums (after Dave has already set up his own big three: Kick, tom, floor tom), and once everyone is locked in and loaded for bear we jump into something really off base, say like last night, “Let me Roll it” (Wings), went into “Pleasant Valley Sunday” (Monkeys) went into “Sunday Dress” went into (a surprise!) which went into “Walk on Me” (Woods) that went into TWO ASS-KICKIN’ versions of The Replacements “IOU”.
“Y’all fiddin’ to kill an old man!” “Jack?” “Hell naw! ME!” Next we start up on “Mr. Busdriverman”, something I can handle. Outta that we do a flawless (well… until the ending) version of “Easy” (Commodors). JEEZ! When we gonna get to one of our songs, “Inez” gets a call, “Raindrops” next. Those are probably my two hardest, “Raindrops” is just in a weird key for me and “Inez” has a few tricky tempo moments for me whilst I am sangin’.
So another hour or so of that and you realize that you’re in shape enough to play (I should be, Hell I been bustin’ my ass at work like I was a damn 27 year old!) and it’s time to just get ya ass out there and get into it, as tight as we is?
It’s all gonna be alright. I’m REALLY looking forward to it!

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Phil said...

Hey T

This is Phil and Lindy from Bristol saying hi. After reading this post we just had to share this story with you. We don't know what we want to see more - you warming up for LA Galaxy or David Beckham playing Daddy Had A Wreck!

Hoping to see you again soon.