Friday, July 18, 2008


Had a great time hanging out with The OakTeam (minus Jack who is off to camp with sick kids) last night in Burlington of all places. We went up to see the rookie league Burlington Royals play the Mets rookie league team. Since it WAS Thirsty Thursday, Greg, Paul and I would get a beer and then get in the back of the line and drink it while we made our way back up to the front to get another.
Standing there I ran into Les Paul and his lovely bride. No, not the guitar genius but the dude we called Le Paul back in The Fabulous Knobs days. Him and Twimey (Timmy) Williams were our first road crew and had to drive “The Big O” (our orange 20 foot box truck), haul in, set up and run our lights and big pink PA system every night. And he reminded me that they did it all for the low low price of $40 a show. Jeez! I felt bad and tried to hand him a few more bucks but we just laughed it off.
Them was the days, huh?


FCB said...

Did you drop by Cum-Park Plaza while there?

Anonymous said...


Cum-Park Plaza!

I'd completely forgotten you had a shopping center named after you!