Thursday, July 17, 2008

quick hits

"Rock history" (a term we use for recording, as in "making rock history") Monday night was a blast. It was only Jon and I so I laid down a new track, Indy 500. It's really the first kinda "hick" thing we've done but it's cool cause in the bridge it goes into this Jellyfish/early Stones wonderland for a few seconds. I had a great time stacking those vocals. It's pretty badass.
Still trying to get Keith down to work on his thing. It's all right here waiting on him, and still sounding great. Just need's that singer dude.
I'm told folks have been getting Dan's new one here:
dan's record

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Anonymous said...

As for Townsend Records, I ain't too happy with them. I ordered the disc on 5/12 which was supposed to have been the release date and it was listed as such on their site. I still haven't gotten it. Each week it seemed that they relisted the release date to be further down the road. One time I emailed them and all they told me was it hasn't been released yet. I won't order anything from them again.

I'd suggest Amazon. It's even listed as being in stock.

Tom C