Monday, May 19, 2008

pics gone, takes brain with...

We’ve had a pretty vicious viral takeover here at the DoubleNaught Bunn Headquarters. I’ve lost most of my pictures, some pretty good ones, ones that I had already written stories for but...oh well…anyway, found these hiding behind a rock and they looked stupid so…here: whatsleft
Someone wanted my comment on songwriting, Here it is:
The morning dew collects on rainbows in my mind and little unicorns splash about in the puddles around it as the sun rises and butterflies sing along waking up my hippie consciousness and making me immune to the world and it’s torture, finding the spirit of a small child within me and birthin’ a new experience beyond the realm of the today’s newest revelation.....or some shit.
Actually though, I’ve always thought of my songs as children. You nurture them and try to raise them right and some of’m get it and some of’m don’t. Some grow up to do well and make a lot of money and the others want just hang around the house and get on your nerves. At some point you gotta tell those to get the hell out and go live with dey Mama!
The ones that make it in the world you are very proud of.

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