Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

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Due to the OakTeam’s light schedule this year, the band has not only been spending time together recording a new record and a Christmas song but also checking out minor league baseball parks around the state. In an Email I got last year that I never really understood, something called the “Commissioners of Baseball” was formed with us and a few of our friends. We not only get together to go to Bulls and Mudcats games (both only 30 minutes from Raleigh) but last week we drove the hour plus to Kinston to see a great pitchers duel (1-0) at the Advanced A ball Kinston Indians Park. That place was a hoot with all of the tobacco barns just beyond the outfield wall.
Let it be known also that our favorite night to go is Thursday, or referred to in most parks as “Thirsty Thursday”, or as we like to call it “Dollah beer night!” This was especially fun a few weeks back in Greensboro, home of the single A Grasshoppers. They had a great local microbrew featured, a buck for 12 ounces and 2 bucks for 20. You could get a pretty good buzz on for a 5 spot. The aggravating thing about that park though was the influx of literally thousands of college girls. They were EVERYWHERE! We couldn’t even watch the game, they were standing all in the way during play and we were REALLY getting annoyed by this. Well, kind of…annoyed…well…not really THAT annoyed…actually. Mudcats this Thursday, anyone?


Ace said...

Ah the girls of summer.... I wango.


roscoe said...

Down in Front!!

Anonymous said...

These pretzels are making me thirsty!